…a much-needed breath of fresh air on the Southeastern Rock ‘N’ Roll scene.
Summoning the legendary spirits of the past, TCR produces an unmistakable sound, carrying the torch for countless artists who shaped the world of Rock, Blues, Funk, and Soul. Transcending musical boundaries, the Atlanta trio is united by the inspiration, energy, grit, and undying love it takes to create songs they believe in. Passion leaks with each note into every aspect of their music from the studio to the stage.

Mission: Leave an indelible mark on the new era of music, inspiring listeners from all over while keeping Rock ‘N’ Roll alive and well.


“La Cascada”
~ debut single ~
Album Two :::::: 11:22 ‘Right on Time’

Album One :::::: Welcome to Tiger County



For booking and press inquiries, please contact tcr@atlrocknroll.com