Taylor McWaters Long

by | Mar 22, 2023

I guess it all started when the choir sang. Cliché as it may, there’s something about a full choir that sends chills. If it doesn’t, then maybe you just weren’t listening. My father, now retired, was a Methodist Minister and his churches, his ministry and the songs we sang along the way still rumble throughout my subconscious soul today.
My best friend growing up was a guitar virtuoso. His house was a refuge of Rock ‘N’ Roll history, for me at least. Listening to records of Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Stevie Ray Vaughan and acquiring accidental cassette tapes of Bob Marley’s “Legend” methodically misplaced in a used record player, he’d teach me guitar chords from songs we loved so that he could shred. It was there at twelve years old where I was introduced to “The Song Remains the Same” on VHS and my whole world and way of thinking changed.
Eventually, I couldn’t bear three chord progressions anymore on my Takamine acoustic, body overshadowing my young frame, and the electric guitar ignited a new fire. I happily sacrificed my late teens and most all my 20’s to music, to the craft of learning from mistakes and by ear, to songwriting, and to the process of surrendering and letting the spirit flow freely.
Let’s just say music isn’t something I like to do, it’s who I am. It’s why I’m here. If Danny Rhodes is my symphonic soul brother, then Kyle Watkins is the link to our symposium. We’ve merely scratched the surface of our capabilities and I’m grateful to call this band my own. Game on. Long live Rock ‘N’ Roll.