Kyle Weston Watkins

by | Mar 22, 2023

The sweet sounds of southern rock, the epic thunder of Zeppelin, and the funky Reggae groove that hits the soul just right makeup my musical taste. Nothing is off limits to the ears of this rhythm section. 
What began in a basement preparing for a Saturday show at the local East Cobb hardcore venue that was Swayze’s led to laying down tracks at the legendary Capricorn Studios with much in between. I’ve been playing music with Dan since 2016 in various projects. Having always heard and known about his and Taylor’s musical connection, I leaped at the opportunity to join TCR.
As my journey continues to evolve so does how I approach the kit every day. Our future is bright. Limitless. My style is wildly fitting and completes the final piece to their puzzle. Now…The question isn’t how…it’s when? Long live Rock ‘N’ Roll.